Louise And Her Canine Epilepsy…

Louise has been on meds for canine epilepsy for about six months now, and she’s been okay. She had one petit mal seizure AKA focal seizure (there’s no twitching or foaming) and her meds was increased to 1.5 tablets twice a day but the vet had told me she may have to increase her dose of the first one didn’t keep her stable.

Then on Monday she had the worst grand mal seizure I have ever seen… She was twitching, kicking and frothing at the mouth and round about when I expected her to stop she started yapping like a jackal and that got the whole complexes dogs barking! It was the longest one yet. She eventually stopped seizing and started slowly to try and stand up. She is always very unsteady after a fit and I try to stay with her but she is so disoriented its like her eyes are open but she’s not seeing or recognising anything. She doesn’t respond to her name or to my voice. She runs around sniffing as if she’s never been here before.
I was following her around the garden to make sure she was okay and I was on the phone to the vet. When the vet put me on hold to consult with someone quickly, Louise walked to the other side of the pool (which isn’t covered) and sat there for a while. I started to call her to see how awake she was and before I could click that maybe I shouldn’t call her, she got up and tried to walk to me STRAIGHT ACROSS THE POOL!!! I got such a fright I nearly jumped in after her when I saw she was awake enough to swim across to me and I used her jersey to pull her out of the pool.
I then hurriedly rubbed her dry and took her inside the house with  me.
She was still very “strange” and kept trying to jump up onto the couches and ran around and around sniffing every corner.
Eventually she settled down and she seemed to be herself again but it took a good couple of hours.
The vet suggested we increase her meds to 2 tablets twice a day (she can have up to 2.5 twice a day) and see how she does…
So far so good…

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