Volt Is Forty Eight Weeks Old


It finally came. I got the email from SAGA last week informing us that our Volt is to return for his formal training on Friday October 19th.
I knew it was coming, but I almost didn’t want to finish reading it! He’ll be in training with Quedo, Ruby, Titan, and Vegas (his sister) and his trainer will send us a monthly email to let us know how he’s doing.
I won’t be going anywhere near SAGA for at least a month once Volt goes back as he has to bond with his trainer, and just the sound of my voice or my car could upset the process.
We weighed in at the vet this morning and Volt is holding steady at 34kg.

Here he is, muddy and dirty after sticking his face and front paws in the pool and then running off to wrestle in the garden with Riddick! They were both filthy!
And our poor puppy has kennel cough! Its a contagious form of doggy bronchitis but unless it gets very bad its only treated symptomatically. We’re keeping a close eye on him and he’s feeling very sorry for himself but he should be fine in a few days. There’s a strong possibility that Thelma, Louise and Riddick could catch it though. He’s getting Benylin cough syrup with Codeine in to ease his cough and he’s getting the occasional ice block to soothe his itchy throat. If he gets feverish (I don’t have a thermometer, his ears get very hot) I can stand him in a little tepid water as dogs sweat through their feet and this can help bring his fever down.
As a result of his kennel cough we couldn’t take him along with us to the SA Guide-dogs Annual Family Fun Day. It was fun but I would have loved to take our boy to show him off a little too! It was quite strange to be somewhere with so very many dogs and yet there was no noise! The puppy races were hysterical and the dress up competition was won by the cutest little thing from the ‘E’ litter!
Now that Riddick is old enough and big enough not to fit between the bars on the balcony outside my bedroom its become a nice “hang out” spot. Volt likes few things more than lying outside in the sunshine, and my balcony means he and Riddick can chill out in the sun- or play (its a big square balcony)- without getting up to mischief like they can when they’re unsupervised in the garden!

Yesterday my hubby was doing some pool maintenance and Volt was fascinated! The Kreepy hasn’t been working so the sudden noise and movement from the floating Kreepy pipe and the weir being cleaned out and bits of debris being scooped out of the pool was a veritable party! Volt loves sticking his nose in the water and sits on the edge of the pool with his toes in the water and sticks his nose under the water but he doesn’t go into the water completely which shows his training has worked when it comes to the pool!

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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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