The Doggy Parlour Came To The Girls!

Last Saturday we were heading out the driveway, and parked outside our one neighbour’s house was a van from The Dog Lady. I popped over to where they were busy with a couple of Huskies, and got a leaflet with contact details on it.
They came back to my house the following Monday morning and Thelma and Louise got the full treatment! There’s a bath and a grooming table in the van, they plug an extension cord in in the house and the girls were brushed, bathed, blow dried, had their ears cleaned and their nails clipped!

Neither Thelma or Louise liked it very much, but the two people who came with the van are very confident with the dogs and they handled the girls firmly but kindly.

And the girls have never been aggressive or mean so whilst they would jump off the table and run back in the gate if they weren’t leashed, they put up with the process without a whimper or a growl.
Both girls have a double coat, so without regular brushing they have a soft fluffy undercoat that starts to clump and it looks really scruffy. I brush them fairly often, but having a good spa-treatment once a year makes a huge difference.
Louise’s coat is much fluffier than Thelma’s too, so she had to endure the blow drier for longer than Thelma did- you can see the fur literally flying in the next photo! Thelma’s lovely short coat dried very quickly in comparison.
And Thelma and Louise are both so silly and bouncy when they go back into their garden again, its almost like they know they’re all clean and smelling nice!

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