Volt is Sixty Weeks Old

The Voltinator goes back to SAGA to continue his training this coming Wednesday, so his holiday with us is almost over. Its been so nice to have him here for a little while to love and cuddle and treat.

And you know what, knowing SAGA will find the perfect partner with the perfect home for him is such a big thing for us, never having to worry about whether he is happy or safe or well treated makes it a little bit easier to let him go.

Today at the vet Volt weighed in at 33.5kg, which is a little lighter than when we sent him back to SAGA for training – but he does work hard every day. And he is still just shy of 60cm tall at the shoulder.
He is still energetic and excitable and very lovable, but we can see a huge difference in his behaviour in terms of how his training has kicked in.
He is still very excited when he sees other dogs and will happily take off to go and play if given the opportunity!
I bought all four of the dogs a big juicy meat bone as a Christmas treat, and all four of them have been taught that their treats belong to me. I don’t leave them in the garden with these bones, I will give them each one- in order of seniority, Thelma and Louise getting theirs first– and then I make sure they stay on opposite ends of the garden as such a delicious treat can cause trouble if they are unsupervised. After about 20 minutes on the first day, I took the bones away and stuck them in seperate bags in the fridge so they could have them again another day.

This is Volt with a little plastic drinking cup! Does he look guilty or what!? I don’t know where he found it and I took it from him before he did any damage to it, but his face was so comical I had to take a picture.
And here is Volt, blowing bubbles in the pool! He doesn’t get into the pool, but he does love to lie on the side and stick his face in the water.

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