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We saw a dog on TV that looks just like Thelma and Louise! Its a Hungarian Mudi!

Thelma and Louise don’t have the medium length, slightly wavy coat, and they certainly don’t have the high-energy behaviour of these specially bred working dogs, but they do have the lovely affable personalities, the build, and the size! I wonder if there isn’t a little Mudi in the girls’ bloodline somewhere…?
Hungarian Mudi

Some sad news is that Louise had another epileptic seizure last Friday.
While she’s seizing she’s quiet- panting hard and foaming at the mouth- but quiet. As she starts coming out of it though, she does this yelping scream that gets the entire neighbourhood’s dogs barking! Immediately after a fit she’s exhausted and thirsty and immediately wants to go “busy”, but she’s also not all there. She’s wobbly and walking around but she’s not really seeing where she’s going. Twice before she’s fallen in the pool, just walked in as if she didn’t even see it. She also doesn’t seem to recognise or hear me or the other dogs for a while.
The lights are on but nobody’s home.
She is on medication for her epilepsy, but she’s now on the second highest dose I can give her and I am very worried about the future… With her diagnosis, a seizure every three months or so is “normal”.
Below I have put in a video of a dog seizing like Louise does.


PLEASE don’t watch it if things like this really upset you. 
It is distressing if you haven’t seen it before.

I have uploaded it here purely for educational purposes as I have never filmed Louise’s fits.
You’ll see and hear in this video how he talks calmly to his dog and touches him gently, I do the same with Louise but some dogs actually get aggressive during or immediately after a fit. Louise even snapped at me once! You’ll also see how long it takes the dog to get up after his fit, Louise is the same.

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  1. My Dad's beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback used to have the same sort of fits. Unfortunately his other dogs reacted by wanting to bite her during the fit, which was a major problem as we had to make sure someone was always nearby to control the other dogs.

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