Our Riddick In The Park

We headed to Fourways again today to go to the off-lead park there. Today it was nice and quiet too.
I think we actually managed to tire him out a bit today! After chasing his ball several times and doing a couple of laps of the park, he actually went and lay down in the shade. I went and sat next to him and he was quite happy to stay put after some water from his travel bottle.
Then he wanted to play ball a little more and we did another half a lap of the park before heading home.

20130505_IMG01720 20130505_IMG01730

20130505_IMG01722 20130505_IMG01719


This is my shnookums when we got home after an hour at the park – so fast asleep he was sucking on his own tongue!

20130505_IMG01713 20130505_IMG01714

And this one is from earlier this week, but its so funny! Even with his Roadie holding him in the backseat of the car, he will try to get as close as he can to Glugs and I in the front seat. Even if it means driving with his chin on our shoulder!


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