Kenzo Was Here

This weekend past Kenzo was a star and we had not one “accident” inside the house!

Kenzo LOVES the cars and he LOVES his leash! He gets very excited when he thinks he’s going to go somewhere and when he gets in the car he stretches out on the back seat and gets comfy…


As always he and Riddick played each other tired, which is fantastic in my books!
He was also exposed to his first (as far as I know) expo, which the puppy walkers and other volunteers attend to help sell raffle tickets for SAGA. The puppies are exposed to people of all races and ages and lots of noise, and they get loads of attention!
Kenzo did really well at the expo. Riddick was with us too so if one got a cuddle the other immediately pushed in to get one too, but Kenzo loves nothing more than being snuggled!
After the expo he and Riddick were exhausted. It may not look like it, but its hard work for a dog to concentrate on not jumping up/ barking/ whining and so on.


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