A #RiddickPup Update

Our Riddick is fourteen months old this weekend, and every day he creeps a little deeper into our hearts. I think he will always be my baby though… He weighs a little over 32kg now!


He sleeps on our bed at night – mostly at the foot of the bed but squirming closer to us as the weather gets colder.
His obedience training has absolutely paid off, and it continues every day. He sits on command and he puts his head through his walking collar when I hold it out for him. He still pulls on his lead when we’re walking but not unbearably. He sits on the back seat in the car – but with his head through the gap between the front seats so he can be close to us, and he’s happiest in the front footwell with his head on my thigh.
I bought new toys for the guide-dog puppy we’ll be raising soon, and I bought Riddick a new rope too. He loves his toys, and unlike Volt – the first guide-dog puppy we raised – he doesn’t chew them to shreds in five minutes flat.


We still go to the vet on a weekly basis and the receptionists there know him well. They’re all so impressed with how far he’s come. He’s still very vocal, but he doesn’t constantly whine and cry anymore. He jumps straight onto the scale when we walk in the door and sits to wait whilst I weigh him, and we have started working on getting him to go into the examination room without hesitation. It smells very different to the reception area and he’s very wary – even grabbing the lead to pull me back out.


On May 18th, it was exactly a year since we had fetched Riddick from SAGA’s Puppy Block at the Gladys Evans Training Centre in Paulshof. I can’t believe its only been a year, I couldn’t imagine my life without our Riddick.


About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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