Lennox Is Here!!

We fetched him from SA Guide-dogs on Friday afternoon!

20130531_Lennox_IMGP7085 20130531_Lennox_IMGP7103 20130531_Lennox_IMGP7094

We decided to take the pup that our Puppy Development Supervisor recommended we choose (the male with the red mark on his head), and officially named him Lennox.


Lennox’s new neon yellow collars (puppy and big dog), a new rope toy and a bowl, all bought when SAGA confirmed we’d be getting a puppy!

He is 100% Labrador, and he was born on 9 April 2013 to mom, Jelly – a yellow Lab and a SAGA brood bitch – and dad, Manny – a black Lab and a working gun dog (not owned by SAGA).
Lennox’s litter had 8 puppies in it, all black, and they were called “jellybabies” by the SAGA staff!
Here’s a picture from when the puppies were a bit younger, Lennox has the toy in his mouth. The nail polish marker on each puppy serves as an identifier for whilst the puppies are all together, to make sure they are weighed and dewormed properly.


So the first night was a little rough, as we anticipated. He’s not mad about sleeping in his box, but we figured a plain ol’ cardboard box was easier than his crate until he’s properly house trained. We did last busies at 11pm, as usual in our house, and he woke at 3am and again at 4:20am, and then my alarm went off at 5:45am and we all headed downstairs and outside again.
Having “big brother” Riddick here definitely helps to encourage Lennox to go outside as he follows Riddick right out the back door!
The second night was a little easier, we did last busies at midnight, and he woke at 3am and 6:20am!


He’s doing very well in the car, but such little puppies do sleep a lot…


And here are a whole lot of cute pictures for your enjoyment!


20130601_Lennox_IMGP7125 20130601_Lennox_IMGP7148



On Sunday we spent the day with my family at a small restaurant to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, and Lennox was as good as gold! He slept a lot, and when he woke we headed outside – on his lead – to do busies. And he’s responding very well to the “busy busy” instruction!


On Tuesday he will be 8 weeks old and I will start his weekly weigh-in. I’m very excited to find out what he weighs as I tracked Volt and Riddick’s growth and it will be interesting to compare them.

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


You can find SA Guide-dogs for the Blind on Facebook and on Twitter.
Follow the #SAGApupLennox hashtag on Twitter or find the Raising Lennox page on Facebook.

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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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  1. Yay! Welcome little one!

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