Lennox is Eight Weeks Old

This morning we went to the vet for his first weigh-in and he clocked 5.55kg on their fancy scale. The vet’s receptionist was very impressed that he sat so nicely on the scale at so young.
I know I am biased, but I think we have another super-smart puppy on our hands… ūüėÄ


…fast asleep at a family luncheon on Sunday…

His training is going great guns. We do a couple of short sessions a day, and then for meals we do the “sit” and “wait” commands with me holding his collar with my thumb until I say “okay”. He is¬†definitely responding to “sit” already, and we are making fabulous progress on “down”.
His recall is really looking good! He is responding very well to his name, and I am using a little plastic lunchbox with some of his dry pellets in to shake and get his attention. He comes almost every single time and sits down in front of me when I call him.
We have had a few housetraining accidents in the house, as expected, but having “big brother” Riddick in the house means he has a great role model teaching him to go outside for busies. I think its a little too soon so know if he’s responding to the “busy busy” command, ¬†but that training is constant anyway.


…fast asleep under my mom’s desk at work when I popped in to visit her…

We had our first puppy class at SAGA with his siblings yesterday too, and he seems bigger than they are but I’m not totally sure about that. Two of his siblings are going to Cape Town to be puppy walked there, so it will be him and 5 siblings in JHB. Not all the pups have been named yet, but there’s a Lotus, a Lola, a Legend and a Lenny so far.


…waiting for puppy class to start…

He is sleeping in a box in our bedroom, and when we move to a single storey house at the end of June we will move the doggy crate to our bedroom and start crate training proper. He sleeps fairly well most nights, waking at 3am and then around 5am (after last busies for all the dogs is done at 11pm), and since I get up before 6am to get ready for work this works out quite well.

We’re making lots of noise around the house, dropping things and kicking around one of his metal food bowls when I’m working in the kitchen, but he and his siblings are quite confident.

Car travel is also going really well. He hasn’t shown any signs of nausea and after whining a little at the beginning of each trip he goes to sleep till we reach our destination and he’s already learning to stay on the floor in the footwell.


He has the sweetest face, and when you talk to him he looks you in the eye and he looks like he is paying very close attention to every word.

Stay tuned for a weekly update!

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