Lennox is Nine Weeks Old

He weighed 6.3kg on the vet’s animal scale this morning and I believe he may already have the vet’s receptionist wrapped around his wagging tail! He’s gained 750g in the last week and I can see how much he’s grown!

We’re still having the occasional accident in the house but he’s letting me know when he wants to go outside. And he’s doing really well with “sit” and his progress on “down” is great! He’s also doing quite well with “leave it”… But I think every guide-dog puppy thinks his second name is “leave it”! ūüėÄ

Last Friday we attended the dinner and prize-giving for SAGA’s 25th Annual Golf Day at Kyalami Country Club. Lennox was a right hooligan – barking at the other puppies and trying to get to the other dogs to play! Once his sisters Lola and London were fast asleep, he eventually went to sleep whilst chewing on London’s cow hoof!


The next day he was exhausted and he slept most of the day!


On Sunday I took Lennox with me to a ladies’ tea at my sister’s church and he was really good. He got loads of attention and it didn’t take him long to fall asleep once I’d benched him to the table.

20130608_Lennox_IMG01990 20130608_Lennox_IMG01992

Puppy class yesterday was entertaining as Lennox would NOT settle down for some handling at all! He squirmed and performed through almost the whole class! And¬†I finally got all his siblings’ names! His sisters are Libby, Lucy, Lola and London, and his brothers are Legend, Lotus and Lenny. Lotus and Lucy are being raised in Cape Town.


20130610_Lennox_IMG02015_Lenny 20130610_Lennox_IMG02016_London

He’s doing really well in the car with no signs of car-sickness which is fanTAStic!

20130610_Lennox_IMG02011 20130608_Lennox_IMG01995

He’s not sleeping through yet, waking at around 3am for busies and then waking up between 5am and 6am again. My poor husband is doing the 3am toilet run and with the cold snap we’ve been experiencing its sheer torture!


Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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