Lennox is Ten Weeks Old

He is eating 100g of puppy food three times a day as of this morning, and we have started weaning him off the Eukanuba Puppy i/d, which he was eating because of a bit of a runny tummy.
I have also started adding water to his food to slow down his eating – he was eating really nicely until I started feeding him and “big brother” Riddick together. They now all but race to see who finishes first and who might not have eaten every crumb.

On the vet’s scale this morning he weighed 7.45kg so he’s gained a whopping 1.15kg since last week! He was a little wary of getting onto the scale, but once he was on his “sit” training kicked in with a shake of the “treat” box.

20130614_Lennox_IMGP7287 20130614_Lennox_IMGP7284

He’s still sleeping in a box next to our bed after our last trip outside at night, but until then he likes to sleep on the dog bed on the floor in our bedroom. Unfortunately for him, his “big brother” Riddick is allowed to sleep on the furniture, so Lennox has no-one to snuggle with, poor baby!

Last weekend we were in KZN for a friends’ wedding, and we left Lennox at home with our son, and he started sleeping from 11pm “last busies” to around 4am – which he has NOT been doing for us!
When we got home from our trip we could SEE how much he’d grown! I had to lengthen his collar by a full finger width (I have to be able to fit at least two fingers, width-wise, between his collar and his neck).


And last week Lennox spent his longest stint at home alone, about 3 hours. He was locked in the living-room/ kitchen while I was away, and when I got home I found only one puddle! I was very impressed.

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy…? 🙂




There was no puppy class this week because yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday, so puppy class will start next week again. He is progressing wonderfully with “sit” and “down” already, and with “wait” for his food at feeding time – I am still holding onto his collar when I make him “sit wait” for his food, but he’s pulling on my hand less and less with every meal. And he’s learning so nicely to “sit” when we get to a door, with “big brother” Riddick providing an excellent example.

We are still having accidents inside the house, he doesn’t “ask” to go out every time he needs to – either that or I am not picking up his signals properly.

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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