Lennox is Eleven Weeks Old

Today he started getting 110g of puppy food three times a day, and on the vets’ scale this morning he weighed 8.85kg.
Thats a whopping 1.4kg gain in the last week!
I’ve had to lengthen his collar again this week to ensure I can fit two fingers inside the collar between his neck and the collar.

20130625_IMG0208120130621_Lennox_DSCF5282 20130623_IMGP7390


At puppy class this week we did “sit” and “down” again, and then added “up sit” and “stand”. Lennox is doing really well with his training and as with our previous puppy, we’re working on a couple of short training sessions a day. He’s still very little so he doesn’t have a very long attention span. 🙂



With house training being a bit of a challenge with Lennox, we’ve spent the last week going outside for busies every hour – I have literally set a reminder on my phone – and the second he wakes up. The last two days, touch wood, we have been accident free so the extra focus seems to be working.

20130621_Lennox_DSCF5265 20130620_Lennox_DSCF5254 20130620_Lennox_DSCF5257 20130618_Lennox_DSCF5244

And he is now “sleeping though”! Yay! We do last busies and lock the house at 11pm, then he wakes up again at about 4h30. He’s still sleeping in the box next to our bed so when he wakes up he whines a little which wakes us and we head outside. But this isn’t wake up time – we don’t switch on any lights and we do everything very quietly – then we go back upstairs to bed. And this morning he was still asleep when my alarm went off at 5h50!



20130625_IMG02079 20130618_Lennox_DSCF5212

And this week, he started doing what I call “the crazy puppy run”! Its so funny to watch the puppies running as fast as they can, with no regard to what is in front of them and how much space they have! Lennox uses the kitchen cupboards to stop and change direction just like Riddick used to! I wish I could get it on video but I never know when he’s going to do it.



Last Saturday afternoon, I visited a friend of mine and took Lennox along with me. My friends’ dog, Kaya, is a very pretty mixed breed female, and whilst she does visit the park she’s never had a puppy in her house. She was so well behaved! She only growled a little if Lennox got too close or tried to jump on her, but not once did her hackles go up and she followed him around sniffing when we were outside in her garden. And Lennox was good too, he was keen to play with her but he listened when she told him to leave her alone.


Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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