Lennox is Twelve Weeks Old


And what a week its been! With all the moving house and the baking I’ve barely touched ground this week, so this weekly update is very late, but I’ve back-dated it so it still reflects on the right date! 😀

He weighed in at 9.65kg on the vets’ scale on Tuesday morning, a gain of 750g, but he had a bit of an upset tummy again so I think he gained less than he would have. His tummy is fine again thank goodness, after another course of the intestinal diet puppy food.
For most of the last week we were still going outside every hour with a reminder set on my phone so that I didn’t wait too long, but it made a huge difference. Once his tummy was better he didn’t need to go out as often anymore, and he has now started heading for the door and sitting facing the door when he needs to go outside.


Over the weekend our family moved house. We didn’t move far, thank goodness, but we moved nonetheless.
Moving is never fun, but I planned from the beginning to move the dogs and cats first as the new house has a garden completely separate from the driveway and I could put the dogs in the garden and not worry about the cars and trucks and people that would be in and out of the house all day.
The cats were locked in a bathroom for the day, so they were out of the way too, and later in the day I brought Lennox and his “big brother” Riddick into the main bedroom of the house as it has its own door into the garden. I went in periodically to let them out for busies, but Lennox did so well – there was not one accident in the house during the move! I was so proud of him!
And he and Riddick adjusted to the new house with no trouble at all.


Unfortunately we missed puppy class because of the move, but we went to SAGA on Tuesday morning so that Riddick could have his 12 week shots, and our PDS Lerato is well practised so Lennox didn’t even feel it, and we were pleasantly surprised when he swallowed his de-worming pill with no fuss at all.

This week Lennox experienced a mirror for the first time! I was very pleased – he wasn’t afraid or wary, and a couple of times he tried to look behind the mirror to find the “other puppy”.


Training is going very well. He’s hardly pulling on his collar at all at meal times, which means he’s learning to “wait” until I say “okay” for his food. He is also sitting when we get to a door, often without prompting, and then waiting until I say “okay” to go out the door. He’s doing great with “sit”, “down”, “up sit” and “stand”, even though we haven’t had much chance to practise this week.

Car travel is great, shortly after the car starts moving Lennox lies down and goes to sleep, and he’s started jumping out of the car himself, though he needs a little help to get into the car.

Now that we’ve moved, we put the dog crate into our bedroom and moved his bedding into it. He’d been eating his meals inside the crate in the old house so it wasn’t unfamiliar to him, but he had no trouble sleeping in it and after the second night we started closing the door after he went into it with the “kennel in” command. He now sleeps from last busies at 11pm to 5:50am when my alarm goes off!

And here is some puppy cuteness for you!

20130625_Lennox_IMGP7424 20130625_Lennox_IMGP7430

20130625_Lennox_IMGP7432 20130625_Lennox_IMGP7434


Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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  1. Jessica N and Makiko

    So cute and precious. Loved learning about the process on your blog!

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