Lennox is Thirteen Weeks Old

Lennox gained a massive 1.35kg in the last week and weighed in at a solid 11kg this morning!

I just love this face!


And I just LOVE this little bit of white fluff on the back of his left front foot! Some of hi siblings have it too!


Lennox has a thing for our shoes! Every chance he gets he runs off with one!


Lennox had his first bath last Friday and he LOVED it! We had to go to a fundraiser to represent SA Guide-dogs and with all the playing Lennox and Riddick do in the new house’s HUGE garden, Lennox was FILTHY! He sat calmly in the bath as my son used the sprayer to hose him down and he LOVED being rubbed dry with the towel afterwards.


At the fundraiser he got loads of attention, and with a hoof-chew smeared inside with peanut butter he was nice and quiet too, and he eventually went to sleep. He did try to run to the nearest table whenever people clapped though, it was like he thought they were calling him!


Car travel is still great – no nausea or excessive drooling, and within a couple of minutes he goes to asleep. And he’s now started jumping into and out of the car himself with the “jump in” and “jump out” command.


Lennox still likes sleeping on his puppy bed, but he’s fast outgrowing it…

20130706_Lennox_IMGP7474 20130707_Lennox_IMG02144

Puppy class was a little different this week… We started as normal, sitting in a circle with the pups doing some handling and talking about their progress, and the four L pups in attendance were joined this week by four donated puppies so it was a bigger class than usual – two little black Lab siblings (one now named Gyro), a Swiss Shepherd (I can’t remember its name now), and little yellow Lab named Ginger.
Also visiting SAGA was a group of children and a film crew from the TV programme, Takalani Sesame. They were filming all kinds of things and once they had some footage of the pups doing obedience training – sit, down, up sit and stand – we gave each child a pup and they played with them whilst being filmed as well, so Lennox might be on TV! As soon as I know when I’ll let you all know, but you can’t miss Lennox in his lumo-gellow-green collar!





The exposure to kids of all ages is a very important part of a guide-dog-puppy’s learning, but he was quite worn out after puppy class with all the extra activity.

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


You can find SA Guide-dogs for the Blind on Facebook and on Twitter.
Follow the #SAGApupLennox hashtag on Twitter or find the Raising Lennox page on Facebook.

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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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