Meet Rhody

Rhody is currently a service-dog-in-training at the SA Guide-dogs Association for the Blind.

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Rhody was almost a year old when he was donated to SAGA in May, so he didn’t get all the training he would have been given by being raised by a puppy walker family.
Rhody was a year old in June and he’s been in training for about 2 months. He had an elderly owner and he was a little too much for her, so a SAGA Puppy Development Supervisor went to assess him and he was accepted as a donation.

Rhody will be spending weekends with us to learn how he is supposed to behave inside the house. This includes house training follow-up (we don’t know how much he had), learning the “busy busy” command, not getting onto the furniture, not putting their feet onto kitchen counters, not begging or stealing human food off plates or counters, not to squash or use the cat as a toy :D , and not to jump up on Auntie Mable when she visits (or on us for that matter), especially when they have been digging lovely muddy holes in the garden.
They also have to be taught not to dig those lovely muddy holes in the garden, not to run out of the gate, not to swim in the fish pond and so on.
These are all lessons that the puppies bred by SAGA have already learned before they go in for guide-dog training.

Rhody is already in training so I knew he would be well socialised and I wasn’t worried about Riddick, puppy Lennox and the girls being aggressive. And I knew Riddick would be thrilled to have a big playmate again!
Rhody was a little twitchy in the car on the ride home from SAGA, trying to jump into the front seat and moving from window to window, but he wasn’t afraid and he didn’t throw up.
As he’s not allowed on the furniture like our Riddick is, I benched him to the foot of the bed with a blanket on his first night (Lennox is sleeping in his crate now).
His recall needs some work and we’re practising the basic commands as well – “sit”, “down”, “wait” and so on.

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I’ll keep you all up to date with Rhody’s visits in our house!

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