A Weekend With Rhody

On Friday afternoon I fetched a yellow Labrador named Rhody from the SA Guide-dogs Association for the Blind in Paulshof.


Rhody and Lennox in the sunshine

He’s a really sweet boy and he and Riddick and Lennox played so well together. He loves being inside with us and with the other dogs. He has the sweetest face, with eyes that make him look ever so worried, and he’s quite tall at the shoulder, when he jumps up on me he looks me in the eye!


all three boys drinking from the outside water bowl


…running around the house…

Within 10 minutes of romping around the garden with the other boys, Rhody was in the pond! This happened a few more times over the weekend so we’ll be watching him and continue to discourage it on future visits.

the pond in our garden

the pond in our garden

We had a couple of house training accidents, but I was expecting to have to deal with something as we don’t know how much training he’s had, so he gets LOADS of praise when he busies outside and we make regular trips out the door.
He chased our cats a couple of times, and we’re making sure he understands that cats are not chew toys or playthings, even if they hiss and swat him on the nose.
He has a little bit of a guard-dog tendency which I was expecting, and we’re discouraging him by distracting him when he hears the neighbours’ dogs – or Riddick – and keeping him close to us.
He didn’t really jump on the furniture, but when he wants a cuddle he tries to sneak his legs up onto where you’re sitting in the process. 🙂
He doesn’t seem to be particularly destructive, he didn’t dig any holes, but it was only the first weekend so there’s still time for him to discover that that can be fun.
He doesn’t jump up against the kitchen counter, but he will jump up against me – ever so gently and almost in slow motion – at mealtime. He is on a diet as he’s slightly overweight, and he LOVES his food. I suspect he may have been fed table scraps and snacks off of his previous owners’ plate as he has no qualms about begging so we’ll be working on discouraging that too.


He waits nicely at the door with the other dogs – when told to, else he runs out – and he waits nicely for his food, and he walks on lead beautifully!

He’s a really sweet boy and we have no doubt that he will make a wonderful companion, decked out in his red service dog jacket, for whomever is waiting for him.

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