Lennox is Fourteen Weeks Old


…he still fits under the bed…

He weighed 11.6kg on the vet’s scale, and a very busy vet office it was too! We went last night instead of this morning so that my hubby could get a picture of Lennox on the scale for me, and the reception area had several people and animals in it. Thankfully our trip was short, and my son was holding onto Riddick’s leash, but Lennox got people’s attention regardless. He was very good when told to sit on the scale, too. He’s a fast learner.
He’s gained 600g in the last week so its a little less of a growth spurt than before, but I am sure he got all tall and long in the last week!


I haven’t heard yet about when the Takalani Sesame TV programme will be broadcast, but SAGA has promised to let us know as soon as they are told.

We made a trip to SAGA last week to pick up food for Lennox (he was still eating 130g three times a day), and he will now be eating 140g three times a day. Here he is with his two bags of puppy food, sponsored by Bob Martin.


Car travel is fabulous. Within a couple of minutes he is fast asleep, and if there’s someone sitting there he’ll use their legs and feet as a pillow. And he’s now jumping into and out of our car on the “jump in” and “jump out” command with no trouble at all!


Sadly we missed puppy class again yesterday because I was sick 😦 but I’m sure we’ll be back next week again, as normal.

His training continues to go well. He’s now doing “sit” and “wait” for his food without me having to hold onto his collar, but he’s still very excited when he realises I’m measuring food out so we’re working on him calming down at meal times. This is done by ignoring him until he’s calm, which takes a few minutes, but he will learn very quickly that he will not get fed unless he is calm and all four of his feet are on the floor.

He’s doing really well with the “leave it” command, but if he thinks he can get away with it he’ll make a run for his crate with whatever “contraband” he’s gotten hold of. 😛

We have again started fetching a dog-in-training from SAGA on the weekends. Rhody was an adult donation so he’s learning indoor manners from us when he’s not in training on weekends. He and Riddick and Lennox had a whale of a time this weekend, and because he is not allowed on the furniture any more than Lennox is, they snuggle together on the floor!


And now, some gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!


20130711_IMG00253_Lennox 20130713_IMGP7521_Lennox 20130713_IMGP7522_Lennox 20130713_IMGP7524_Lennox

20130715_IMGP7550_Lennox 20130715_IMGP7553_Lennox

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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