Moving Our Animals…

When we moved into the house we’re in now, I made the decision to move the animals in first so that we didn’t have to worry about them getting out of open doors and gates with the moving of furniture and such.
The new house has a completely enclosed garden so I knew the dogs would be safe, and the cats were locked in a bathroom for the day.

Throughout the day I was checking on the four dogs and three cats and cuddling them and making sure they had water, and they were fed on schedule.


Riddick amongst the insanity of boxes and furniture at the old house

Riddick and Lennox had no trouble settling in, their biggest adjustment was not being in the house with me for most of the day as they were outside. I let them into the house and locked them in the master bedroom later in the day, and once all the boxes and furniture were in the house I allowed them to explore a little.
The evening of our move, my hubby and I were sitting on a couch just taking a time out from shuffling furniture and unpacking boxes, and Riddick actually came and lay between us, half on top o us, on the same couch. It was as if he was wondering where the hell we’d been all day long! That was as far as his insecurity went regarding the move.
Thelma and Louise were very unhappy for the first three or four days. They had the same routine as always, being outside for most of the day and sleeping inside at night, but they weren’t eating all their food at first. I think they may have been afraid they were being abandoned again, but once they clicked that everything was the same except the location they were fine.
One HUGE change for us and the dogs was being surrounded by other dogs! In the complex we used to live in there were other dogs, but they weren’t right next door. And now we have dogs on all sides, and EVERY time they started barking, our dogs started barking too! It took them a couple of weeks to realise they had more sense than our neighbours’ dogs (yes I am biased) and that they are far better at judging what is worthy of being barked at and whats not.


Thelma and Louise chillaxing on our bed

The cats coped fine. I transported them to the new house in their kitty crates, and put them in the one bathroom with food water and a litterbox for the day.
In the evening on the day we moved in, we opened the door for them to explore.
Being exclusively indoor cats I know we don’t have to worry about Greebo, Magic and Minx trying to get back to the old house to protect or reestablish their “territory”, they’re happy as long as they house smells like us. The new house is completely surrounded by a garden thats full of birds, so the cats are loving being able to lie in the sunshine and watch the birds from nearly all the windows!
Magic has been in the garden on his leash a couple of times, just to sniff around and roll in the sand as he likes to do.


Magic, hiding under my hubby’s jacket


Magic outside on his leash


all three cats on my son’s bed

The funniest thing to me is that all three cats have decided that my son’s bedroom is now their domain for most of the day… Probably because the dogs aren’t allowed in there, and because the top of the bearded dragon’s terrarium is always warm from the heat lamps.

Have you ever moved your animals?

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  1. Glad the move went smoothly and that everyone’s settling in nicely. Our Magrat REALLY doesn’t like to move but she’s also generally okay as long as we’re with her…

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