Lennox is Fifteen Weeks Old


He weighed 12.8kg on the vet’s scale this morning, which is a gain of 1.2kg in the last week.
I actually thought he’d be closer to 14kg this week, and after checking with our SAGA Puppy Development Supervisor I have increased his three-times-a-day meal to 160g instead of the 150g it would have been this week. He’s a smidge skinnier than I would like him to be, and he’s very hungry at mealtimes. He may simply be going through a growth spurt so I will be watching him closely to make sure he doesn’t get tubby.


We got word from SAGA that the Takalani Sesame TV programme (I mentioned is here) will be broadcast between the 9th and 13th of September, at 6am and again at 10am on SABC 2! I’m going to record the whole week’s episodes so I can be sure I don’t miss the “DOG” programme! ūüėÄ If you watch it, Lennox is wearing his lumo yellow-green collar.

Lennox’s car travel is fabulous. As soon as the car is moving he is fast asleep, and he’s now jumping into and out of our car on the “jump in” and “jump out” command with no trouble and no hesitation at all!

20130721_DSCF5353_Lennox 20130723_DSCF5498_Lennox 20130723_DSCF5499_Lennox 20130717_IMG00269_Lennox

There was no puppy class at SAGA this week as the kennel staff were on a training course, so to make up for it he and I visited a pre-school near us. He did very well considering there were about 15 young children all wanting to feed him a treat and cuddle him and all shouting and squealing and trying to tell me about their dogs. He showed no aggression at all and his tail was wagging the whole time. I was very proud of him.
Thank you very much to Cheryl at Choo Choo Pre-primary for allowing us to visit.

His obedience training is going well.
He’s doing really well with the “leave it” command, although he will make a run for it if its something he really wants!
We’re doing well with “wait” and he sits when we get to a door or if I tell him to “sit” and “wait” before letting him and the boys go outside.
He’s also doing spectacularly well with house-training and now asks to go outside by sitting at the door and whining a little if we don’t notice his signal.

His walks are also going well. He is learning to ignore the other dogs we pass, and our walks are getting longer and longer. We stop on the odd street corner and just sit there, listening to dogs bark and watching cars and people go by.
Last Sunday we spent the morning at the SA Guide-dogs stand at WODAC. We help to sell raffle tickets for SAGA’s fundraising drive, and the puppies and dogs-in-training get lots of exposure to noise and people at these expos. Lennox did well with the people, eager to greet and have a cuddle. With the dogs though, he kept wanting to play and he’d pull on the lead to try and get to them. This wasn’t only with the dogs at SAGA’s stand, this was also with the dogs that walked past us through the morning.
He was worn out after the show and was snoring in the car in seconds!

20130721_DSCF5337_WODAC 20130721_DSCF5339_WODAC20130721_DSCF5349_WODAC

After the show we visited with my family for a bit of a braai and he played with my mom and dad’s dog and with the children until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore! I was surprised he lasted as long as he did!

And now, some gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!

20130721_DSCF5493_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5384_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5437_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5450_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5451_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5453_Lennox 20130721_DSCF5474_Lennox

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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