Lennox is Sixteen Weeks Old


Lennox gained a whole kilogram in the last week and weighed 13.8kg on the vet’s scale this morning.
It looks like he’s going to be smaller than Riddick and Volt who weighed just under and just over 15kg respectively at the same age. He has almost outgrown his puppy bed already but that doesn’t stop him sleeping on it!


He’s been waking up at 4am for the last couple of weeks and asking to get out of his crate. This is SO not on! He’s supposed to be sleeping through already! We’ll be working on that for a few days to get him to sleep through.


Lennox is definitely happier with his extra food and is now getting 170g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day. He’s also put on a little weight and he’s now the perfect shape.

Last week I got my official letter from SAGA identifying me as a puppy walker to their dog Lennox, and asking permission for Lennox to accompany me when I go shopping. I dropped one off at the Pick n Pay and the Clicks that I frequent and I’m hoping to hear from them soon.

Puppy class at SAGA this week was a big one with the L litter puppies and several donated puppies (Gem the Swiss Shepherd, Kai the German Shepherd, and Gyro, Gizmo and Ginger the Labradors) were in attendance. We were going to go to a nursery school but its been postponed to next week, so we did some obedience work and then we did the obstacle course. Lennox barreled through all the obstacles without batting an eyelid!

20130729_DSCF7073_PuppyClass 20130729_DSCF7081_PuppyClass20130729_DSCF7087_PuppyClass 20130729_DSCF7088_PuppyClass 20130729_DSCF7095_PuppyClass 20130729_DSCF7098_PuppyClass

Car travel continues to go well, he’s eager to “jump in” and “jump out” of the car too.


His obedience training is going well. Here’s Riddick and Lennox demonstrating their “sit – wait” training at the open back door.


Walking is going well, though he’s still pulling a bit. He is learning to ignore the other dogs we pass, and our walks are getting longer and longer.

Lennox gets on very well with other dogs. He and his weekend housemate Rhody often snuggle together as they both sleep on the floor. He and the two older girls also get on fairly well, but they don’t cuddle or play and will only allow Lennox to lie near them if he behaves himself.




And now, some gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!

20130725_DSCF5582_Lennox20130727_DSCF7018_Lennox 20130727_DSCF7022_Lennox 20130728_DSCF7009_Lennox20130729_DSCF7067_Lennox

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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