Lennox Is Eighteen Weeks Old


Lennox gained 950g in the last week and weighed 15.95kg on the vet’s scale this morning. and he’s getting 190g Bob Martin puppy food three times a day.
We missed puppy class again this week because I was sick with bronchitis and his “big brother” Riddick wasn’t well!


He’s now sleeping from 11pm last busies till 6am, but not in his crate… He was sleeping in his crate, but late last week he started yelling his head off at 5am, which would wake Riddick (and Rhody if he was here) so we started leaving his crate door open. As he’s fully house trained and the crate is more of a convenience than a necessity, this isn’t really a problem.
When he needs to go outside, he sits at the door and waits until we let him out. If we don’t notice he’s waiting he’ll whine a little.

20130811_DSCF7421_Lennox 20130809_DSCF7389_Lennox

He’s “big boy” front teeth are coming in fast!


Car travel continues to go well, he’s eager to “jump in” and “jump out” of the car and he listens when I say “wait” when I open the door (he’s not allowed to jump in and out without permission).


His obedience training is going well, we do a couple of short sessions a day. We’re still doing a little extra work on “down”.
Walking is going really well, he’s still pulling a little but now only when he gets excited about another dog or something. He is learning to ignore the other dogs we pass, and our walks are getting longer and longer. I learnt so much from raising Volt that there are several things I started doing (or not doing) much earlier with Lennox and I can see a difference – like his no pulling on the lead.


This little video is just one example of how Lennox’s tail never stops wagging!

He can no longer dive under the bed when he and the big boys are playing in our bedroom, but he loves to sleep with his head under the bed!


And now, some gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!

20130809_DSCF7395_Lennox 20130808_DSCF7375_Lennox 20130809_DSCF7381_Lennox 20130810_DSCF7398_Lennox 20130810_DSCF7397_Lennox 20130810_DSCF7416_Lennox

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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