Lennox Is Nineteen Weeks Old


Lennox gained 500g in the last week and weighed 16.45kg on the vet’s scale this morning.
He’s still getting 190g Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, because the little bugger has suddenly changed his way of eating. Up until lunchtime last Friday he could hardly wait for his food, but since then he almost acts as if the food in his bowl smells bad or something and doesn’t finish it. I know I can be neurotic, but I was so worried last Friday at supper time that I actually took him to BVH to see a vet, who could find nothing wrong – no fever, no anemia, no upset tummy. So now he gets his measured food, with a dessert spoon of plain yoghurt for encouragement, and what he doesn’t finish I take away.
Make no mistake, he doesn’t look like he’s starving at all, his coat is shiny and he’s active and his “busies” are normal, so I am trying to get over myself and just let him not finish his food.
Apparently, as strange as I find it to have a Lab that doesn’t eat like he’s never going to be fed again, some of them actually stop eating when they’ve had enough!


Car travel continues to go well, he’s eager to “jump in” and “jump out” of the car and he listens when I say “wait” when I open the door (he’s not allowed to jump in and out without permission).

His obedience training is going well, we do a couple of short sessions a day. Walking is going really well, he’s still pulling a little but now only when he gets excited about another dog or something. He is learning to ignore the other dogs we pass, and our walks are getting longer and longer.


We’re making a couple of short trips to our nearest Pick n Pay in the week. I try to go on a week day morning when I know the shop will be relatively quiet. He always wears his jacket and he behaves really well, and some of the staff are starting to greet him when they see him.


Last week we also visited Bella Restaurant in Rivonia. I emailed them beforehand to find out if Lennox would be welcome, and they were happy for him to come along with me. We had a corner table and he was given a bowl of water and he had a hoof to chew on. He was as god as gold and didn’t make a sound. At one point he was sitting half under my chair watching the other diners, but I doubt anyone even knew he was there.


On Sunday we attended the SAGA Puppy Walkers Celebration Picnic at their Johannesburg training centre. It was a wonderful occasion, held to thank the puppy walkers and brood stock holders – past and present – for all they do and have done. There were at least a hundred dogs at the picnic yet there was no noise! They stayed on lead, and our Riddick went with us too, and they had loads of chances to socialise and greet each other.

20130819_PuppyClass_DSCF7517_Lennox 20130819_PuppyClass_DSCF7518_Lennox

Puppy class this week was a very informative session. Puppies in attendance – Lenny, Lennox, London, Legend and Libby, Swiss Shepherd Gem, Lab pups Gemma, Griffon and Gyro, yellow Lab Ginger and Sable Shepherd Kai. Guide Dog Services Manager, Gail Glover, chatted to the assembled puppy walkers about what goes into further training, dog selection, puppy breeding, matching the dogs and the applicants, all kinds of things about our puppies. And then we went on a bit of a tour of the house where the students live for 3 weeks when they’re on class with their new dogs, and to see the service and social dog training room.
Lennox was very well behaved during Gail’s talk as the session was used as a training exercise as well. The puppy walkers were seated on couches and chairs, and the puppies had to sit or lie quietly, without trying to play with each other or walk around.

And now, a little bit of gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!


Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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