Our Minx Is Three!


After this sweet little black ball of fluff sprang up into Shebee’s undercarriage on 10 October 2010 and was brought to our house since that was where Shebee was en route to, she became a permanent part of our family.
We now search Shebee and her Jon when they visit to make sure they’re not smuggling any more kittens into our house!


She was almost named “Smudge”, since that was what she almost became on the tar of Main Road, but Minx was prettier, although her second name is “Jukskei”.

Guesstimating her age at the time we gave her 30 August as a birthday, which means she’s THREE today!


She’s the smallest of our three kitties, and by far the most vocal. She is also the only one of our three kitties who will come and sleep on our bed occasionally, even with our Lab Riddick sharing the space.20121216_IMGP5043


About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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  1. Lol, up my ‘undercarriage’ sounds so dodge!

    She’s so precious, and she’s brave – like me!

    Happy birthday little Minx Jukskei – I’m so happy we found you such a loving home with the best parents. xoxox

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