Lennox Is Twenty Two Weeks Old


Lennox and his siblings – Legend, Lenny, Lotus, Libby, Lola, London and Lucy were five months old yesterday!

Lennox gained 550g in the last week and weighed 18.2kg on the vet’s scale this morning.
He’s getting 220g Bob Martin dry puppy food twice a day now, and I am now giving him 110g Bob Martin dry puppy food for lunch as well. I’m hoping he’s having a bit of a growth spurt, LOL!
Our weekly visits to the vet are also part of his training as regular vet check ups are a big part of a guide dogs’ life, and when we go we explore the scale and the exam room, both of which smell very interesting and different to dogs of all kinds. This will make it just that little bit easier for his blind partner to take him to the vet one day,


Car travel continues to go well, he’s eager to “jump in” and “jump out” of the car and he listens when I say “wait” when I open the door and as soon as the car is moving he goes to sleep. It is getting hotter though, and I can’t run the aircon all the time… I may consider moving him to the back seat soon as it may be cooler there than in the front footwell.

Here’s Lennox with his Bob Martin puppy food!


His obedience training is going well. Walking is going really well, he’s still pulling a little but now only when he gets excited about another dog or something. He is learning to ignore the other dogs we pass, and our walks are getting longer and longer. We continue to work on “down” and “stay”.
He waits for his food beautifully, and we always “sit wait” before going through a door or a gate. He also has to “wait” when I put a treat or a toy on the floor and may only have it when I say “okay”.

His big boy teeth are growing so fast!


We missed puppy class again, and it was the last one too- a walk around Brightwater Commons with the other puppies. And we missed an obedience training morning at SAGA. I love to attend these sessions as the group work is great practice for dog distraction, and the Puppy Development Supervisors are on hand to give training pointers.

AND! This morning was the Takalani Sesame episode that included footage of the guide dog puppies! If you watch closely you can see Lennox 3 times at the beginning of the episode. I recorded the episode on my PVR, but I have no way to share the video…

Lennox and I continue to visit the Pick n Pay near us, with our trips getting progressively longer as he grows up.
He’s very good when we’re out in public, and thankfully doesn’t notice the people who are afraid of him.
I must be honest, the people who are almost prepared to jump into oncoming traffic or scream in fright annoy me immensely… I really battle not to shout at them to just calm down.

Last week Lennox got to go to the movies with me! I was invited to go and see Turbo and Lennox accompanied me. He was so good, he didn’t make a sound and we made several trips outside so I could make sure he didn’t have a “busy” accident. He slept through the first hour or so of the movie, and when he woke up I gave him a hoof to chew on. When we were walking out there was loads of dropped popcorn on the floor and it proved to be too great a temptation for him! And he got loads of attention in his puppy-in-training jacket.


sitting in the little alcove window of the Montecasino parking lot – not at all concerned about looking out and down 🙂


Shoowee! My flash was bright in the darkness of the movie theatre!


Lennox and I with Turbo the snail!


our trip to the movies was courtesy of HP


“listening” to the HP presentation

And now, a little bit of gratuitous puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!

20130909_IMG_0011_Lennox 20130906_22.32.56_Lennox20130909_IMG_0009_Lennox

Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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