Lennox Is Twenty Seven Weeks Old


Lennox is 27 weeks old, and on the vet’s scale he weighed in at 22,85kg which means he’s gained a full 1,5kg in the last week!
He’s eating well, his coat is shiny, and apart from the shaved patch on his leg and his ear – he’s a beautiful dog!

As for the shaved patches – its been quite a week for Lennox!
Early last Thursday morning, he managed to find a piece of razor wire in the garden that I had not found, and he cut his ear. Its a perfectly neat straight cut about 2.5cm long, which ruled out an accidental tear on a tooth during play.
He was very good at the vet, although it being an ear injury it bled a lot, and at one point he shook his head and spattered the whole room- and me! Then they covered the cut with gauze and bandaged it over the top of his head until they could stitch it – he looked like a rugby player!
He spent the day at the vet and the ear was neatly stitched on both sides, and apart from a small notch on the bottom it will heal perfectly.


The “fun”part of him having stitches in his ear – which moves around a lot and has to be carefully treated so that it heals properly – was that he had to wear a cone for no less than 5 days! I hate the cones, they’re more a mission for me than anyone else as I get constantly bashed with the dogs following me around so closely!
By the third day, I had strong doubts the cone would even last the full five days! “Big brother”Riddick decided Lennox had a plastic toy stuck to his head, and even Lennox managed to find a way to chew on his own cone! It was supposed to come off on Tuesday night at the end of the 5th day, but between Riddick and Lennox they managed to get it off on Tuesday morning by breaking the clips that keep it cone-shaped!



Riddick & Lennox got the cone off & turned it into a toy!


Unfortunately, because of his cone, Lennox couldn’t come with us to the Pet & Me Expo to help sell raffle tickets for SAGA, and the expo was so quiet it was actually perfect for puppies to experience and learn from. It was strange not to have a dog with us, though we did get to meet a few Lennox “fans” who wanted to know how he was doing and that was really cool!

We have a couple of group training exercises with SAGA scheduled, and those are always fun and very good learning opportunities for the puppy and the puppy walker.

With Lennox’s cone in place we didn’t go walking every day, but now that its off we can get back into routine. He is definitely an adolescent puppy 😀 with selective hearing and all. And his dog distraction has escalated a little so we’ll be working on that lots.
His other training is coming on so nicely! I am so proud of him and it brings back memories of training our Volt in that its like he has suddenly “clicked” what the instructions are for.

And for your “cute” factor for the week, here’s Lennox helping Dora clean the floor! He was not at all keen to part with this manky sponge!


And some puppy cuteness, for your enjoyment!


He’s growing into his feet!


The tiles are cool in the summer.


Still loves to sleep with his head under the bed!

Lennox and Riddick play ALL the time! And I have discovered they have a taste for mulberries!



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