Lennox is Thirty Weeks Old

When I weighed him last week Tuesday before taking him to SAGA, he tipped the vets’ scale at 23,25kg which was a 400g gain on the previous week.


Right now, he’s at SA Guide-dogs’ kennels, where he’ll stay till his castration stitches come out – I can fetch him next Monday, by then he will have been away for two weeks and I am SURE he will have grown visibly when I see him again.
I keep wanting to call him for food or go and look for him when I can’t see him – its very strange not having him here.

Here are some photos of our beautiful boy for your enjoyment!


got this from SAGA’s Dale – Lennox at the Hobby-X show!


Lennox with Thelma & louise


look how his teeth have grown!


He’s finally worked out how to carry the 4eva ball around!


asleep next to momy’s office chair


at the till in Pick n Pay! He’s so good! Note there’s no tension on his lead at all – he’s doing “sit stay”. Proud mommy!


his daddy was donating blood while we waited


spread out on the back seat


quite happy to chill on the back seat of the car


good as gold while mommy and daddy have a coffee at Nino’s


service-dog-in-training Rhody and Lennox asleep on the floor


Lennox decided the one cat scratch-post was the perfect toy! He carried it up and down the passage and he REALLY didn’t want to put it down!
I laughed so hard!


after the stitches came out – a nice straight cut


we had the living room painted and some damp repaired, so Lennox got to experience new things like ladders, paint, workmen and DIY noise.


He’s been taking lessons from “big brother” Riddick… he wants my attention!


the cheapest toys are the most fun…


You can find SA Guide-dogs for the Blind on Facebook and on Twitter.
Follow the #SAGApupLennox hashtag on Twitter or find the Raising Lennox page on Facebook.

About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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