Lennox Is Thirty Three Weeks Old


On the vet’s scale this morning, Lennox weighed in at 23.6kg so he’s actually lost 400g since last week… I’ll be keeping an eye on him but I’m not concerned about his health. He looks terribly hang dog in some of the weigh-in pictures, but he really isn’t, LOL!

Isn’t he just beautiful!

20131113_KSCH8801 20131113_KSCH8798 20131113_KSCH8800_edit

You’ll be glad to know that the scar on his ear is practically invisible! It has healed so beautifully – if you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t see it at all! I am so pleased!


I have had a crazy busy few weeks with the end of my working year looming, so we haven’t been able to walk as often as we should.
We did go on a training walk at Lonehill Shopping Centre with two other puppies-in-training a couple of weeks ago, and he was so good! I was so proud of him! He did have a bit of a go at a Christmas tree in the mall, knocking off a bauble which he then tried to remove again as I was rehanging it – with his tail wagging furiously – which got several people laughing and taking pictures.

Apart from our usual trips to Pick n Pay and Makro, we visited my parents for lunch one Sunday and we had an outing to Steers for a cold drink after our training walk and he was so good!


~under the table at Steers, in insane heat, good as gold~

My parent’s dog is a Fox Terrier cross, in case you were wondering about his size, and his favourite game is keep-away. Unfortunately for him, Lennox has proved to be far more nimble than Volt, Riddick or Kenzo ever were and he can’t outrun Lennox as easily as he did the others!








Lennox and Riddick playing tug-o-war, with Toppi’s ball…


which Toppi then wanted back so another tug-o-war game ensued…!

Car travel is great! He’s very good in the car!


~in the back of a Ford Kuga, asleep on the underside of a table I was transporting~


~he’s comfy in any car~


~trying to get comfy~


~curled up on the back seat~


~doing a “sit wait” in the car when we arrived at the vet – he may not just jump out when the door opens~

And here is some puppy cuteness for your enjoyment!


~thats my parents’ dog Toppi on the couch, Riddick on the floor, and Lennox in the foreground~



20131124_162932     20131112_KSCH8787

Unfortunately, I lost my fourth – and final – pair of Crocs to Lennox today… I lost two pairs of sandals to Volt, one pair of Mary Jane style shoes to Riddick, and now the last pair to Lennox.


Stay tuned for a weekly update!


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