Our Family Is Growing By One!

We have decided to adopt a 6-month-old chocolate Lab (who is possibly a bit of a Lab cross) from Labrador & Golden Retriever Rescue!

Whilst I share the list of adoptable dogs every time I get one from Lab Rescue, we actually try not to look at their Facebook page because we want to adopt ALL the dogs!

What our decision came down to is that our SAGA weekend-and-holiday-puppy Rhody will probably qualify as a service dog in about February next year, and our puppy-in-training Lennox is a year old in April and will most likely start his formal training then, so our Riddick will be on his own, or rather – without a playmate – since Thelma and Louise don’t play.

Yesterday Lab Rescue put a notice up of a black Lab a little younger than our Riddick, and he caught our eye so I texted the number attached.
They replied & said “King” had had LOADS of interest and did we want to look at “Charlie” or “Ozzy” instead (both yellow Labs)? My Glugster jokingly said to ask if they had a chocolate Lab available but we’re not particularly picky… So I filled in the adoption application form and sent it in.
Then they contacted us and said they had a chocolate pup! She’d been rescued last Friday and was not yet on FB or on their mailing list, and would we be interested?

We went to see her and immediately said yes! She’s so very pretty, and long legged so we think she’ll be taller than our Riddick when she stops growing…
We signed the adoption contract today and went to get her collar- a pretty pink Rogz one with roses on it, a pink lead, a new bowl, puppy food, and ordered her name tag (we’ll get that on Friday).


We’re fetching her on Thursday since we already had plans with family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and won’t be home. And schlepping her all over or leaving her home alone won’t help her settle in, so she’s coming to live with us when we’ll be home all the time, and we’re still on leave!

Isn’t she pretty!? Our Riddick is getting a little sister!



About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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