Rhody Had A Holiday!

Rhody is a service-dog-in-training at the SA Guide-dogs Association, and he’s nearing the end of his training.

Over Christmas SAGA’s trainers go on holiday, so the dogs in training at SAGA’s kennels get to go home to their puppy walker families or to boarding families so that there are no dogs at SAGA over the Christmas holiday.
Rhody spends his weekends with us as he has some inside-the-house learning to do, so he came to us for his Christmas holiday.

Rhody knows our pet Lab Riddick very well, and he knows our guide-dog-puppy-in-training Lennox very well, and when we adopted chocolate Lab Penny as a pet shortly after Christmas he showed his socialisation training like a pro and welcomed her into the house too!
We only had one “dustbin diving” incident while he was here which is great! He went with us and our other dogs on Christmas Eve to my inlaws’ smallholding to swim in the dam (an hour in the car each way), and he went with us and our other dogs to my parents on Christmas Day with lots of kids and my parents’ dog in attendance.

He’s a real sweetheart, loving nothing more than a cuddle and a brushing, and sleeping on one of his humans’ foot!

About Angel

Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs, our pet cats are exclusively indoor cats, and our dogs live mostly inside!

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