Saying Goodbye To Rhody

We got to pop in at SAGA to say goodbye to our “weekend boarder” Rhody (almost 2 years old) – a service dog in training. He leaves on Monday for the South Coast to meet and train with his new owner so we won’t be seeing him again.
The aim of the visit was to watch, quietly and unseen from outside, as Rhody performed some of the tasks he’s been trained for, but he is super smart and he saw us arriving – he knew exactly where we were hiding outside the training room!
My husband was filming it with his phone, and you can hear my camera clicking next to him. You can also hear Rhody stomping on the glass door where we were hiding…

You can see why, when the pups leave their puppy walkers’ homes and are called in for their formal guide dog or service dog training – the human puppy walker families have to stay as far from them as possible so that the dogs are not as distracted as Rhody was here!
Silly, lovable boy!
This bond he has with us is going to be 10 times stronger with his new owner as they will spend all day, every day together! We’ll miss him but we are so happy for him!
We did get to see some of what he’s learnt (when he wasn’t prompted several times because he was trying to look for us) – in the video you see him waiting for his trainer to enter the room and then coming in and closing the door, and you can see him jumping up to turn a light switch on and off – and when we were sitting inside he showed us how he can open a front-loading washing machine and take his blanket out. He will also retrieve objects dropped and out of reach of his new owner, and he will be taught to go and call his owner’s mom if he needs help.

Of course when he’s training and bonding with his new owner for the next 3 weeks, he won’t have us there to distract him!

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