Lennox Is Forty Five Weeks Old

Wow… I can’t believe our Lennox is 10 months old already!


Last Thursday our Puppy Development Supervisor came to do a walk around our neighbourhood with us again, to see how Lennox had progressed with his positive dog distraction issue.
There’s been a vast improvement, and our PDS is very happy with his progress. He’s still looking at other dogs, and occasionally he wants to do more than look but he responds very quickly to correction and he’s no longer yanking me all over the road.

Its been quite a busy time for Lennox… We didn’t get to the vet to do his weigh-in last week because the traffic lights and construction in that area have brought morning traffic almost to a standstill! I don’t like to subject him to the heat of sitting in the car if we don’t have to. And this week we didn’t get to the vet because I was without a car…
No worries – he’s the right shape and he’s sleek and shiny!

On Monday we did our normal shopping run – Pick n PayClicksKadiesMakro, and putting in fuel. Sadly we always get people screaming and jumping away from him, and security guards trying to turn us away. Some days its hard to stay patient, though Lennox doesn’t bat an eyelid – credit to him!

On Saturday we went to SAGA’s Gladys Evans Training Centre for a Puppy Walker Social. Its an opportunity for the puppy walkers to meet each other and talk about their experiences in an informal setting, as well as a chance to meet the volunteers who hold the breeding stock – so sometimes you get to see your puppy’s parents!
The Guide Dog Instructors also talk to the puppy walkers about why the correct training for the puppies is so very important. From distraction issues to overfeeding, there can be serious implications and delays in a dog’s further instruction if the trainers first have to correct a problem that started with the puppies early development.

We had an short obedience session with the dogs of all ages being walked in a circle and practising their sit-stay and down-stay, and then they selected a “best dressed” winner from the few puppies who were dressed in red for Valentines Day.


Lennox in his Valentines Day bandanna


walking in a circle at SAGA Puppy Walker Social


Lennox and Quelita in the “best dressed puppy” contest


Lennox sitting next to one of the old collection boxes

Stay tuned for regular updates!


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Follow the #SAGApupLennox hashtag on Twitter or find the Raising Lennox page on Facebook.

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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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