Lennox Is Forty Six Weeks Old

Once again we didn’t get to the vet to weigh Lennox… Last night’s rain meant that all the traffic lights in our suburb were out and the traffic was insane!

Last week we had an obedience training session at SAGA for the morning and it went very well.
With 13 dogs in attendance, it was obvious that Lennox’s dog distraction is greatly improved. Lennox’s brother Lenny was there, and he’s quite a bit bigger than Lennox.
We practised lots of walking obedience in a group, which meant Lennox had dogs next to him as well as in front of and behind him, and he did great. And they worked on getting in and out of the trainer’s trucks – no problem there at all! He hopped in and out, and sat inside with the door closed without stressing at all.
We also practised recall across the training field. The puppies stay in a line on one side of the field, with their leashes lightly held by a trainer or a PDS, whilst their puppy walkers walk away from them, telling them to stay. At a previously specified distance you turn around and call your pup and they have to come to you, ignoring the other dogs and people. Lennox came running straight to me! I was so pleased!
And then Lennox spent some time in kennels with another dog while we puppy walkers went to have cookies and cooldrink, having to hang onto a puppy leash.
Lennox also got to meet some children who were visiting the training centre which was good for him.


Lennox’s brother Lenny


puppies-in-training of all ages, 13 dogs in attendance


me and Lennox


Lennox taking a turn in the guide dog trainers’ transport truck

Stay tuned for regular updates!


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