Lennox Is Forty Seven Weeks Old

Shoowee… I am really trying not to think about the fact that Lennox will be a year old in just FIVE WEEKS!! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed!!

We still haven’t been able to get to the vet to do a weigh-in thanks to car trouble and rain and traffic and and and… Its very frustrating ‘coz I love seeing how our puppies grow.
Lennox is now eating 1 cup of Bob Martin dry puppy food in the morning, and 2 cups at night. He’ll get the same amounts of adult food when he goes back to SAGA for training, so he’s getting used to his future routine already.
He’s also stopped growing and he’s the perfect shape for a grown up Lab.
And he’s 57,5cm tall at the shoulder.

We have been working on Lennox’s SIT-STAY and DOWN-STAY training. He has to SIT or DOWN where I tell him to, and then STAY as I walk away until I call him over. He has to stay even if I am talking to the other dogs or doing something else, so now I make him SIT-STAY or DOWN-STAY and either walk away – repeating the STAAAY with a raised open palm as I do so – or stand next to him and throw toys for the other dogs, crooning to them and offering them cookies.
He’s getting better and better at it, but when there are treats on offer or I a, cuddling one of the other dogs he battles to stay put.

We had security guards trying to chase us out of a couple of shops this week.
I have to work really hard not to get angry with them, especially of its a shop we already have an arrangement with and visit frequently. The owners and managers of the establishments are quite happy to allow access once you speak to them – which I try to do in advance – but the security guards can be a nightmare.
I keep reminding myself though that SAGA’s reputation is on the line whenever we’re out in public, and that when he’s wearing his jacket we’re representing them.

With all the rain we’ve been having this week, house training has been a bit of a problem with Penny, our adopted 8 month old LabX, but Lennox will wait until he can get outside, as does his “big brother” yellow Lab Riddick. And luckily Labs don’t really mind getting wet so they’re happy to go into the garden for busies if its still raining lightly.

Our SAGA Puppy Development Supervisor is coming next Thursday again to see how Lennox’s walk on leash is going. It has improved (you may remember we had to work on getting him to walk neatly on my left again after I gave him a longer leash to get over his dog distraction). He does it perfectly for the PDS and for the trainers at SAGA… 😛

I think I am going to miss Lennox’s wagging tail more than anything else when he leaves… I swear it has a magical power and it makes me smile every time!
He wags it so hard when he’s pleased with himself that his whole bum waggles from side to side! Its as if he’s taken his training not to bark when he’s excited and turned into tail wagging instead. He still wags his tail furiously while he eats, and he wags it even faster if you talk to him or say his name.
His happy face and bouncy-run when I say he can come to me after a DOWN-STAY or a SIT-STAY is just too sweet for words.

Hells bells these puppies really do creep deep into one’s heart don’t they…


Lennox and Penny


Lennox still likes to sleep with his head under the bed


Lennox in the queue with me at Makro.
Please note there’s no tension on his leash – I am pleased as punch with how well he behaves in shops!
He does battle not to sniff the floor in the butchery though…


asleep under the table at the Wimpy


Lennox and I waiting in Jaded Ink for my son to get his lip piercing done

Stay tuned for regular updates!


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