Lennox Is Forty Eight Weeks Old

Shoowee… I am really trying not to think about the fact that Lennox will be a year old in just FOUR WEEKS!!

We still haven’t been able to get to the vet to do our weekly weigh-in thanks to this crazy rain! It hasn’t let up in almost 3 weeks and apart from horrendous potholes everywhere, there are very few functioning traffic lights, which means everyone forgets the rules of the road!

Our SAGA Puppy Development Supervisor is coming on Thursday again to see how Lennox’s walk on leash is going. It has improved (you may remember we had to work on getting him to walk neatly on my left again after I gave him a longer leash to get over his dog distraction) and he does it perfectly for the PDS and for the trainers at SAGA… But we haven’t been able to walk as often as we should be… Holding thumbs it continues to go well.
And when she leaves she’s taking him with her, to spend a week in kennels as the puppies do during their first year.
This week long stay- which has to include a weekend- is so that the puppies get used to the sights, sounds, smells and routines at kennels so that when they go in to start their formal training with the professional guide dog instructors, they do not get overly stressed.

Last Sunday we spent the day at Hobby-X at the SAGA stand with Lennox. They had a couple of items they were selling raffle tickets for, and we handed out loads of flyers for the SAGA Fun Festival at the end of March.
Lennox was really well behaved, although we had a couple of incidents where he wanted to run and play with the other puppies in attendance.


Lennox and I outside Hobby-X


Lennox doing a fabulous SIT-STAY outside Hobby-X

Stay tuned for regular updates!


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