Lennox Has Started His Guide Dog Training

Today is Lennox’s “intake day”.
“Intake day” is the day the guide dog puppies are returned to SAGA to start their formal training with a professional Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.
I got Lennox’s intake day email on the 4th, a few days before his first birthday. I only cried a little… but I had a big lump in my throat all day.

Lennox is starting his training with his brothers Legend and Lenny, and a yellow Lab named Strauss, and they have been allocated to GDMI Joel. We will get an email from Joel at the end of every month to let us know how our boy is doing.

We took some pictures with us and our boy in the morning…



Then it was off to SAGA…





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I also have a Facebook page called Its a Pup’s Life .

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