A Weekend With Wendel

We are playing weekend “puppy raisers” to another SAGA Service-Dog-in-training!

This is Wendel.

He’s about a year old and he’s been at SAGA for 3 weeks. They know very little about him as he and his brother were actually SPCA foundlings. His brother has a forever home now, and Wendel here is in training to be a Service Dog for someone with physical disabilities.


Because Wendel wasn’t raised the same way SAGA’s own puppies are raised, he has to learn how to live inside a house now.
He did very well considering, he has already been house trained which is awesome, and he knows basic commands like “sit” and “down”. He’s fabulous on-lead and hasn’t tried to climb onto any of the furniture, though he did jump onto the bed twice in excitement. He has his own bed in our room, as do all our dogs, though they do share and share alike.


He’s on a diet as he’s a little tubby, so we’ll be making sure not to give too many treats. He eats very well though, not rushing through his food and not trying to steal from the other dogs.


He plays well with the other dogs, although he is a little protective of toys he has “found” so we’ll be working on him sharing.
He is learning to wait until I say he may go through a door – coming inside or going outside, as all our dogs must do.
He does well in the car, though he’s a little reluctant to get back into the car after the first “half” of a trip has ended.
He jumps up a little so we’ll be teaching him that thats not allowed, and as with all our dogs the cats’ litter box is like a box of chocolates! Its so gross!



He doesn’t seem interested in the kitchen dustbin at all, though he has jumped up to see whats on the kitchen counter and dining room table.
He’s also doing a bit of “guard dog” barking which we will also be discouraging as working dogs are not watch dogs at all.



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