My Day Has Been All About Doggy Drama!

I don’t like doggy drama.


The first episode went as follows.

On the way to the station this morning, I saw a black dog on the side of the road. I thought it looked like a Lab, and it was wearing quite a staunch collar. Dogs on the side of the road is never a good thing so I decided I’d keep my eyes open for the dog on the way home.
I saw him again and pulled over. I took the belt off my handbag that I’ve been using as a strap after the old one tore and set off down the road with some treats.
When I found him a security guard outside an office complex was holding his collar gently so I asked if it was his dog. He said no and asked if it was mine. I said no but that I was going to take him with me to get him to safety.
The dog refused the treats I offered but didn’t balk when I put the belt through his collar and he walked nicely with me back to the car. He didn’t want to get into the car though so I lifted him in and he lay down on the seat and stayed that way till I got to my vet. Sadly the camera on my phone is bust and I didn’t have my 35mm with me…
He seems to be a sweet, placid boy albeit with lots of scars and very dirty, but not underfed. I think he may have some Lab in him but he has a thick neck like a Staffie and he’s too small for a Lab. He had a very broad collar on and it looks like he’d been tied up somewhere with a thick plastic ribbon tape as there was a piece attached to the metal collar ring.
My vet said they’d keep him for a few days but I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do now…

The second episode was more upsetting for me!

I’ve told how my sister’s Fox Terrier X Jack Russell puppies, Jake and Scully, are spending a few days a week with me so that I can assist in their training and socialisation.
When I have to leave the house for more than an hour or so I put them in my bathroom with their bed and their toys so they can’t roam the house. When they’re a little older I won’t do it anymore but I have always blocked little puppies in when I have to leave them at home.
When I got home, I let my big dogs smell the car where the foundling had been and I locked the gate and closed the garage door, not in any particular kind of hurry.
When I got to the kitchen I heard a noise over Riddick and Penny’s rowdy greetings – a noise I didn’t recognise. I walked through to my bedroom and realised I was hearing the bath tap! We don’t use the bath because we shower, and its a sunken corner unit in our en-suite.
Little Jake had managed to get into the bath – which isn’t hard – and he had managed to turn on the hot tap! I’m still baffled as to how because the tap has a round knob, it has no grips or protrusions on it.
Poor Jake was jumping up against the side of the bath, which thankfully couldn’t fill up because of the lack of a plug, but the poor boy’s feet were burned by the hot water!
I pulled him out of the bath ad wrapped him in a towel, then ran his back feet under the cold tap and alternated with Bactroban and Germolene as I did. A couple of hours later his little feet were a normal temperature again and he was sleeping without whining. The poor little thing.

I continued doctoring his paw pads with Bactroban and Germolene through the day but he seemed fine by the time my sister C came to fetch them.

I felt so bad for him I wanted to carry him around all day so I could cuddle him better.

NEVER underestimate what your puppy can get up to!


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  1. Sjoe!! Quite some drama. I hope the stray you found is going to be ok and happy. And I am glad little Jakes paws are ok, can’t imagine how he managed that. Silly pup.

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