I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Blog About Little Annie!


Annie is  Guide Dog puppy-in-training.
Born at SA Guide-dogs in June, she was too young at 11 weeks to have a kennel stay, so while her puppy raiser parents were on holiday in Namibia she came to stay with us.

Her mommy dropped her off with her own bed and all her own toys so it wouldn’t be too strange, and the almost three weeks just flew by!

She’s one super smart little bundle of precious let me tell you! It was good fun to have a little puppy in the house again for a few weeks, and she had a busy time too! She went with us to the GDA stands at the Getaway and Hobby-X shows, and she spent the day at a golf fundraiser with me and she was immensely popular wherever she went! She had puppy class to attend as well and the one puppy class included a visit to a nursery school.

20140831_130019_Annie_At a coffee shop

We also had several shopping trips to PnP, Makro, Kadies (for baking supplies), and we visited coffee shops, pet shops, and the vet for a weekly weigh-in. She also had an interesting experience when she watched a couple of men come and remove a swarm of bees from our garden.

She learned to ignore the cats (she doesn’t live with any) and she had to learn a little humility in a house with lots of older and bigger dogs.

Her mommy missed her lots and Annie was very glad to see her “big brother” when he came to take her home again.

She is a darling and we have no doubt she’s going to make an excellent Guide Dog one day.


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About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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