Our Lennox Has Graduated As A Guide Dog!


This Sunday past, we got to attend the graduation ceremony for newly qualified Guide Dogs Tank, Legend, Jemma and




The puppy raisers don’t normally get to attend their puppy’s graduation ceremony, but our Lennox’s new owner couldn’t make it to the demo-slash-meet-n-greet which was done the day before, so we got to go to the graduation ceremony instead.
It was held under a big tree at the Gladys Evans Training Centre and after a couple of short talks – Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Joel spoke about the training of Guide Dogs and Dackley spoke about the work done by the College of Orientation and Mobility – there were thank you certificates handed out to some sponsors who were in attendance.

Lennox was SO good during the ceremony, even after he spotted us in among the guests! And he looked SO grown up!

Then there was a symbolic handing over of the harness and a beautiful embroidered blanket for each dog from Porsche.



a specially embroidered blanket for each dog from Porsche


handing over the harness


Lennox did not want to leave his new blanket alone! It was like he knew it was for him!

Then we got to meet Lennox’s new owner and he gave us a beautiful framed photograph of the two of them with Lennox wearing his harness.

Lennox was so excited to see us! He jumped up and planted both his feet on my shoulders and licked my neck and face before I pushed him off again!
His new owner is a developer so he and my Glugster had a nice chat. Lennox is his second Guide Dog and his wife also has a Guide Dog so Lennox has a great partner and an excellent example! And he loves his new owner! It was so sweet to see them together!


20141005_Graduation 020 _Lennox





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  1. That’s so cool Angel! So glad he’s got an awesome new owner, and it looks like he’s happy

  2. Waesome! he does look great. Well done. 🙂

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