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Yesterday afternoon we left home at 2:30PM to deliver a cake and cupcakes to – and then attend – a wedding in Roodepoort. We left too early and got back too late to feed the animals their supper, but they got breakfast as usual…

And then Louise had a seizure this morning. A big one. One where she’s sore and exhausted from seizing and starts this panting scream towards the end that sounds like something a jackal would do…

Giving her meds to her too early yesterday would most likely have had the same effect, but the fact that she can’t skip even one dose without having a fit really worries me.

And she took a while to recover from this one too. After a big seizure like this one she’s like a zombie for a while, walking in circles and bumping into things, not responding to her name… And while she’s seizing and until she’s herself again, the other dogs are freaked out too. They bark at her and lunge at her as if they think she’s playing.
I chase them out of the room or outside so I can stroke her and talk softly to her and make sure the space around her stays clear, I don’t think she can hear me but I like to think it helps soothe her stress a little… And when she’s up and walking around again the other dogs sniff her and approach her as if she’s a stranger.

I don’t know what we can do. She’s on the highest dose of medication we can give her.

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  1. Hi Angel,
    I don’t have any advice for you but I know how you feel. My golden had 5 seizures within 12 hours. He also was very confused and howled like a wolf. We even apologised to the nabours because we thought they might call the SPCA.
    Admittidly the scariest part was not being able to get to the vet when he had the first one. .
    My vet said we should give the dog something sweet to bring up his blood sugar levels after he’s had a seizure. Something like some sugar water or maybe a teaspoon of honey. She also said he should drink and eat right after. But you probably know this already.
    Good luck with your girl. It’s terrible when we want to help then but our hands are tied.

    Ps. Lenox says hi. He’s my friend’s dog and he’s a lovely boy.

    • Thanks for your comment Briony!
      The worst we’ve had with Louise was 3 seizures in 12 hours, but that was before she was on meds.
      She is always thirsty after a fit but to date doesn’t want to eat – I haven’t tried something sweet though, I’ll remember that for next time.
      Give Lennox a cuddle from us when you see him again!

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