Meet Patrick!

Patrick is a black Labrador and one of several siblings who were accepted as a donation to GDA in March 2014.


Sadly Patrick’s puppy raiser mommy couldn’t continue raising him, so after he was castrated and his stitches came out he came to live with us to complete his puppy year.
He is now 37 weeks old and heavier than our biggest puppy, Volt, was at the same age, so he’s a big boy!


What is it with our black Lab pups and sleeping under the bed…?


We have a little work to do to catch up on his training since he’s been in kennels for a while, and he’s in his teenager phase, but he is already picking up on our house “rules” – like waiting before being allowed to go through a door.
We have already visited the vet to start his weekly weigh-ins (I fetched him on Monday morning) and discovered he’s not too sure about getting into the back seat of the car, preferring the car’s front foot well.
He likes to make a grab for the leash when we’re walking, and we’re spending a lot of time on-lead at home so he can learn what is expected without me having to make a grab for him – like not chasing the cats! 😀
He is house trained and happily slept through on his first night, though he doesn’t seem to realise the dog beds on our bedroom floor are for him to use too.
He and Riddick are playing together really well, although he is trying to dominate Riddick a bit. Penny is playing a little but won’t let him push her around so he’s getting lots of submission practice too.


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  1. He is totally gorgeous Angel!

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