I Had To Giggle…

On Saturday afternoon-evening we went to a friends’ house for a Halloween party, leaving the dogs at home. My husband went home again to feed them so Louise doesn’t miss her meds, and then brought Riddick and Patrick back with him.
Our friends’ dogs are well socialised and our puppies have been there before so there was no issue with them, and another friends’ two Frenchie pups were there too so the dogs were in their element!

At one point the kids were playing with balloons and there were balloons all over the lawn – and Riddick went bananas! He was finding each and every balloon and popping it! It was so funny!

Then later in the evening people were leaving in drips and drabs, and each time I made Riddick and Patrick do a SIT-STAY until I knew all the doors leading to the street were properly closed, and most of us being dog lovers we were chatting about training and conditioning and all sorts of things through the evening.
Whilst I had Patrick and Riddick in a SIT-STAY, the one guest asked me what we use as a “release word”. In other words, how do I tell them they no longer need to stay or wait or any such instruction, and without thinking I reply with “OKAY”, and immediately Riddick and Patrick head into the lounge to see where the people went!
This was when I started giggling!

The other guests who were sitting with us also burst out laughing!

It was a brilliant demonstration of their training but my timing was all wrong!


the dogs waiting to be given the “OKAY” to come to the kitchen


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Wife, mom, cupcake maven, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner and tattooed cat slave.

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  1. Oh cute Angel! Perfect puppies. We use a hand signal.

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