Little Finley Visits

Finley is a Guide Dog puppy-in-training being raised by Bonnie, a fellow puppy raiser volunteer. She’s the sweetest little bundle of smarts with HUGE eyes and a wiggle on her you will not believe! Finley that is, not Bonnie… 😛


When Finley was 11 weeks old Bonnie had to go overseas for a week on business, so dainty little Finley came to stay with us.
Then when Bonnie rode the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge Finley spent the day with us again as she was too little to be left alone at home just yet and too little to be boarded in GDA’s kennels.
When she spends the night with us she has a doggy crate that comes with her, and she sleeps from last busies at 11pm till the other dogs wake up the next morning or 6am – whichever is first. She loves her crate, napping and playing in it when she’s not hanging with the big dogs.
She’s very bold and not afraid to play with the big dogs – she and our Patrick are particularly close – but she’s not a pushover at all. She’s also not afraid to be on her own, quite happily snoozing on our bathroom floor when we’re all on the other side of the house.
She now pretty much ignores the cats too, as they do the dogs, and thus far has shown no interest in their litterboxes.

She’s very good in the car, lying down to sleep once the car gets moving and she loves he aircon!


Her mommy fetched her again the day after the cycle race, and she’ll be coming to stay for a week in December again.


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