Our Last Weekend with Wendel

Our weekends with Service-Dog-in-training Wendel came to an end last Monday morning.

This weekend he will be meeting his new person and starting the work for which he has been specially trained by the SA Guide-dogs Association, and we won’t see him again soon as he’s not staying in Gauteng.

We’re always a little sad to say goodbye to our puppy dogs, they creep very deep into our hearts indeed.
We do know our Wendel, our Wendeble-bendable, our Wendebubble is going to be happier than most pet dogs ever are, and he’s going to be spending every day doing something he loves to do for someone he has been specially partnered with, and that makes us so happy.

Here’s a little video of Wendel with his trainer, demonstrating one of his tasks – opening and closing a cupboard and retrieving a phone.



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