Ah Penny…

This afternoon we took Riddick, Patrick and Penny to a park for a friends’ pooch’s first birthday.

Tyrion is an adorably squishy-faced French bulldog and he’s met Riddick and Patrick before.

The park had a lot of dogs in it, and there were lots of dogs at the party including beagles, Frenchies, mixed breeds and Labs.
Our Riddick is fine in a park. He’s well socialised and he loves meeting and playing with other dogs, I just keep a close eye on him in a new location because he can’t see.
Patrick is also fine, greeting other people and pooches and happily running and playing – but his recall needs work. And the funniest thing was him taking the little Frenchies for a walk if they still had leashes attached to their harnesses!
Here’s Patrick in a party hat!


Penny however, was a handful.
We’ve done a lot of work on her socialisation and dominance issues in the last year, and when we visit people with dogs she’s pretty well behaved.
In a park though, its as if she decides that since nobody owns it – she’ll claim it. Even when other dogs approach her and are completely submissive, she has a go at them!
I’m hoping that simply spending more time in a park will help, but I’m going to ask our GDA Puppy Supervisor for some suggestions.
We had a few dirty looks from other dog owners in the park, which is understandable since puppies are supposed to be well socialised and non-aggressive in an off-lead park. She spent most of the visit on-lead.

On the way home, even after just an hour in the park, the three of them were quite tired…


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  1. She’s the boss of the game – always!!! LOL. Just love that beautiful Penny

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