Four Weeks With Patrick

Patrick is 42 weeks old and he weighed 30.95kg on the vet’s scale on Monday morning. Thats 100g down on last week but nothing to worry about.


We are doing a lot of work on his suspicion issues and it seems to be working! I am so pleased! He’s not showing any signs of suspicion when we’re out! He loves children and he’s totally ignoring other people and security guards!


This last week we visited a few shops and a doggy park, and we had a walk with another puppy-in-training, Annie. He pulls me a little bit when we’re walking but its not dreadful. He’s also a little dog distracted but he listens when you talk and he learns really fast.
We’re doing ongoing work on his obedience like sit/ down/ stay/ leave it and so on, and he learns fast! I can now offer him a treat in an open hand and he won’t snatch! I say “leave it” and when he looks me in the eye I say “okay” and he waits! He’s very eager to please!


At the park we were celebrating the first birthday of a friend’s Frenchie – Tyrion – and Patrick was fabulous with all the other dogs! He also had a ball taking the other Frenchies for a “walk” if their leashes were dragging! Rhaegar wasn’t particularly keen but the other Frenchies happily went for a stroll with him.


Penny, Patrick and Riddick, keeping me company as I make supper… Even though my kitchen is only that big and I am standing squished against the stove to take the picture!


Penny, Patrick and Riddick trying to snooze on the back seat on the way home from the park

He’s eating Bob Martin’s puppy food twice a day and I have increased his food to 3 cups a day to maintain his now ideal weight!


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