Five Weeks With Patrick


Patrick is 43 weeks old and he weighed 31.1kg on the vet’s scale on Monday morning.
He’s on Bob Martin’s dry puppy food  twice a day and he’s looking so good! He’s sleek and shiny and so beautiful.


I think we can finally say we have conquered Patrick’s suspicion! This week we had workmen in the house repairing damp damage in the dining room walls, so there was hammering off of old plaster, mixing of new plaster, furniture moved around, a wheelbarrow and all sorts of new smells and noises, and when we went to see he was totally focused on me! No barking or growling or hackles, he didn’t even look!
And last Saturday we visited a Christmas market at a retirement village. We greeted visitors to the market and to the SA Guide-dogs market stall, and we strolled around inside where there were all KINDS of interesting things to see and smell and he was SO good! He got lots of cuddles and kisses and he was as good as gold!
He and fellow puppy-in-training Bowie – a Golden Retriever – posed for a picture with one of the residents and they sat good and still on either side of her!




Yesterday afternoon Patrick and Finley were wrestling and playing, and managed to roll against the curtains, pulling them down and bringing the pelmet with it! They both jumped and stopped playing, but neither pup was spooked by it at all!
Thankfully my husband is handy with his tools so it is already fixed and the curtains are hanging again.


Patrick is fabulous with the other dogs. He allows the other dogs to take whatever he’s chewing on and he shares toys without growling.
He play-wrestles with Riddick and plays chase with Penny. He happily shares a kennel with other dogs when we spend time at SA Guide-dogs and he loves a trip to the park.





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