Finley Came To Visit!

Bonnie’s Finley came to stay for about a week again while her mommy was on holiday.
This gorgeous little girl is all eyes, legs and tail with her little bit of Golden Retriever making her tall and gangly.

As before, she and Patrick played each other into exhaustion! Its really sweet how well they get on.

We had a few outings as well. She went with me to the vet when I took Patrick to be weighed, so she got weighed too – 13,3kg at 15 weeks old – and we went to a retirement village for a Christmas Market to represent SA Guide-dogs and she stole all the show! She was really good and got lots of cuddles from people attending the market!
At puppy class it was POURING with rain, so the “F” litter pups got to spend some time in kennels together while we chatted to the Puppy Development Supervisor about their progress. Finley is – in my humble opinion – ahead of her siblings in her training. Her stay is good and even when her siblings are nearby and barking at each other she stayed focused on me! So much so that one of her sisters’ mom’s asked how she was taught to do that and started working with her pup – and within a few minutes the sister was already focused more on her mommy!

She’s no trouble in the car, going to sleep as soon as the car starts moving, and she doesn’t spook easily at all – we had builders in the house so she was exposed to hammering and cement being mixed in a wheelbarrow and she wasn’t phased at all.

As my hubby says, she’s a pleasure to have over!


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