Patrick is Eleven Months Old!

I can’t believe we only have a month left with this boy! I know he was already almost 9 months old when he came to us, but the time has gone by so fast!
He weighs 32.35kg on the vet scale and he’s 57cm tall at the shoulder. He has a beautiful stocky build and a broad head, and he has droopy eyes which enable him to give you the “puppy eyes” look like a pro!


Does he have the puppy eyes mastered, or what?!

He’s 11 months old today, and we love him to death! He is so sweet and gentle. He rarely barks and when he gets excited he has a funny squeaky whine.

As is typical of a Labrador Retriever, he loves to be where his people are. He sleeps next to my bed, he nose-butts my leg or hand if he wants attention and he will use his nose to try and lift my hand onto his head for a cuddle. He comes to my side of the bed and sits down, leaning his head on the mattress and trying to high five me, looking up at me with those eyes!

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20150104_095847_small 20150103_143730_small

His loose-leash walk is pretty good and I’m happy with it, and he listens really well when we’re out walking.
He is a little dog distracted, but in our neighbourhood EVERY house has at least one dog so its very hard for a puppy not to get distracted by other dogs!
He does not respond to garden services, lawnmowers or weed eaters apart from wrinkling his forehead, and he’s not at all phased by the big rubbish bins put onto the street every week.
I’m so pleased with how well he’s doing with us.

20141225_162555_small 20141213_120156_Patrick_small 20141213_145432_Patrick_small

Over Christmas we had quite a busy house, and we went out quite a lot too.
We went shopping and we went to a Christmas market at my inlaws which is a good hour in the car (one way), and he was as good as gold! He greeted other visitors to the market and slept all the way there and home again.
Patrick got to socialise with several other dogs too – a friends’ Lab Chuck and her rescue X Caileigh, GSD Bonzai, GSD-Husky X pup George, Frenchies Tyrion and Rhaegar, and small mixed breeds Chloe and Snowy.
He gets on so well with our Riddick and Penny, and he has no trouble with other dogs and if they have a leash attached he’ll try to take them for a walk! Its so funny!


The fireworks in our neighbourhood were especially loud this last New Year’s Eve, but we stayed home and made sure there was no adverse reaction from any of the dogs. They all jump when there’s a really loud bang that sounds like its right over our house, but so do the humans! Otherwise Patrick is nonplussed by the noise.

He’s doing so well with his training!


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